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Welcome at the website of Add Export Import Consultancy

Add Export Import Consultancy is a company with a lot of expertise (knowledge)
Expertise that is needed to support you on your way to successful Export and Import and to guide you at among others logistic and financial matters.

Add Export Import Consultancy differs from other companies because of the result oriented, practical approach.
The possibilities of Add Export Import Consultancy are many and we can provide you service within the total trail of exporting thanks to a large network of specialists.

Add Export Import Consultancy aims for satisfied customers, through offering high service levels, enthusiasm, sincerity, clarity, confidence and last but not least the desired results.

Our name

Add in our company name represents our core business of “adding”:
Adding knowledge,
Adding value,
Adding markets,
Adding turnover,
Adding efficiency in your way of working
Adding an extensive network of specialist,
this will mean for your company: 1 + 1 = 3 

Our logo

The quadrangle outside of our logo represents a building block. Our company will hand you building blocks for export and import.
Within the quadrangle the many sides of Add Export Import Consultancy are shown in the second form.
The green background colour shows our concern about our world.